My view of a New Earth is living lives in co-operation with one another and co-existence with nature, where we can have the relationships and types of communities that reflect our sacred values, That means to finally live up to what we believe in and start living as an example with your purpose.

To live free and clear in physical earth locations to start living the new lives and leaving the lives that have repressed us, While finding home and happiness is a internal soul process living in the new earth is a physical step of living with constructive action and where we have the real time and space to bring the change as a physical community rather then staying in social, economical and religious systems that is not designed to care for us and the planet.

At the new earth we may recognize that the solution to all situations is inside ourselves and in nature, where the inner illusion of fear is finally laughed at and where we see Nature as the ultimate technology like plant photosynthesis and human kinetic energy. Our sadness and ill health has been about mother earth calling us back to her, where our relationships balance because we also are balanced and energized by living with the earths life force rather then separating ourselves in artificial separate systems like cities where infrastructure dominates over the earths abundant productive systems.

The earths environmental problems are a symptom of the human heart, and the key cause to the violent acts against nature are simply solved by ending our consumption additions of materialism and living lives where we are in love with ourselves so we can have the loving relationships and friendships that gives us a true satisfaction and stimulation rather then escaping to artificial stimulants. This is the demonstration of many different people working in life with there different abilities to live with wonderful challenges rather then the linear activity of competing that never did help anyone.

Rather then protest with anger and being dislodged from our creative energies yet to demonstrate the alternative, When we had given systems our focus where we allowed our selves to feel inferior and emotional frustration at the systems or ignorant people we gave up our power and made them believe therefor they had power over us and then we began fitting our selves in as the repressed people.

New earth then is about realizing we are all part of “WE” , Understanding that everything is moving energy, and therefor there is no us and them, or me and you. Where we realize we are all equal with wonderful power and free will. And what seems to be holding us back from what we want in life is not a system where there are people more powerful then ourselves, but actually not knowing who we really are and forgetting that light and love is all there ever really is. Therefor only “we”did it to ourselves as all life is connected.  



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I like it, thanks for making the site, keep up the good work buddy!


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